September 15, 2006

Kansas at Toledo - Hide the appetizers

Toledo is an exciting team, a program that continually puts out quality football and is led by a true offensive genius in Head Coach Tom Amstutz.

The Kansas Jayhawks are not as rich in tradition on the gridiron as they are on the hardwood, but Coach Mark Mangino owns a striking pedigree of strong offenses and a national championship while the OC at Oklahoma.

Given all that, I admit that my basal human reaction to this game is much less insightful - I would prefer to see these two in an eating contest with Kobayashi since each has tipped the scale recently at over 300 pounds.

Over under on health related jokes by the broadcast crew is mid-third quarter.

Here is a pic of a sweet internet babe just to cleanse your palate - kinda like a Patron chaser after slamming a Natty Light!

1 comment:

Vince said...

UPDATE: 12:57 left in 2Q, ESPN's Rodney Gilmore references Amstutz losing 50 pounds on the "Get Fit Toledo" Program.
He must have so much more energy at 325...

Also, Mangino must have been watching TLC's What Not To Wear - the black is so slimming, although something more form fitting would do better. Of course, the only thing in his size is a tarp that covers the baseball infield...