September 20, 2006

Musberger broke a Trojan vow

USC sent a formal complaint to ESPN after Brent Musberger told his audience that QB John David Booty's "hang loose" signal meant that his receivers should expect man-to-man coverage.

An excerpt from

USC sports information director Tim Tessalone sent a formal complaint to ESPN/ABC game producer Bill Bonnell on Monday and sent a copy to the Pacific-10 conference office.

"We're supposed to be partners in this, but this is certainly going to make us think twice about trying to help them have as good a broadcast as possible," Tessalone said. "What he did was unconscionable...In my 28 years, I've never seen such an egregious breach of trust. Brent is not a rookie at this, and he should know better."

I've got a signal for USC - the middle finger! The SID is way off base - man-to-man coverage isn't hard to discern, plus there are any of 126 other hand gestures that can be used. You don't really think that "hang loose" was going to be the signal the whole year, do you? Of course not, those signals are changed weekly. Plus, Nebraska didn't have access to Musberger commentary in game.

Musberger prepared very well for broadcast, and this is what he gets from one of the most storied programs? Poor form, Mr. Tessalone.

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